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Our project is aimed at investing in promising development of new technologies. At the moment, we are ready with your help to finance development in the field of biotechnology. The study is at the third, final stage. The first two were successful and were carried out by the company on its own, as they did not require significant funding. At this stage, the purchase of expensive equipment is required to complete the experiment. With a positive result, laboratory tests will be carried out, the necessary certificates and permits will be obtained and industrial production will be organized. The finished product is a component of animal feed, also considered as an organic fertilizer, since nitrogen and phosphorus compounds are formed during degradation by soil bacteria.
At the end of the ICO and the start of production, all owners will be paid regular dividends. Since the number of tokens is limited, if there are dividends, the price of them will inevitably increase, which seems very interesting for investors. See the terms of the purchase here. We are waiting for you among our investors.

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